If you already have landed on this blog post then we believe either you are working in the tech industry, is an UI/UX developer or probably thinking to launch your internet based startup.
If you are thinking to launch your internet startup then most likely you are still trying to get your ducks in the row and acquiring more information about product design.

The ideology behind our blog post is to share the first-hand experience with the tech community and assist them in avoiding those blind spots which we had dealt with during product designing.

#Think Of Targeted Audience

Often we end up designing the app according to our wishes and totally neglect our audience. Therefore before taking out your sketch book or favorite wire-framing tool, consider your audience. Try to be in their boots, even create the questionnaire to analyze their thoughts and then start shaping your next product and its design.

#Keep It Simple

Cluttered and flashy designs could be an eye candy however they might not touch the right spots and fail to meet user’s needs. Therefore keep your design simple yet elegant and try to avoid complex designs. It will not just improve user engagement but also help to achieve conversion goals.

#Consider Multiple Devices

Whether you are working on the mobile app or web app, do consider multiple devices and different resolutions so you could engage more audience for your next project. Find the best solution which works well on mobile or web devices. e.g. responsive design.

#Keep Evolving
Don’t be rigid in your approach. Evolve through your customers’ feedback or use different user behavior monitoring tools to improve your user experience and product design.